Game Shares (GSHA) Split

By the end of 2016, there was planned game shares split. But before going into matter, lets discuss what this involves, with recap of game shares significance.

Game share (often called GSHA) are similar as company shares, both in game and in real world. GSHA can be treated as a fraction of the game value, which can be owned by any player, when purchased.

There is limited amount of shares in game, which is 1 000 000 (1 milion). These can be bought and put on sell on the market at will, as long purchased shares are not part of escrow shares. Which would mean, you need to own them for certain period, before you can sell them.

Escrow shares are received, by purchasing shares from the game shop, or by special deals.

Game owner, would be typically first owner of shares, when released to the market. To raise funds, person may be interested of selling number of shares. Please be aware, that selling, or owning over 50% of shares, do not makes the player a new game owner, and owner do not loose rights to the game, when owning less than 51%.

Such shares placed on the market, are available for purchase to every player. Of course, in the interest of share holder, is to sell high, while buying low.

However, GSHA offers something more, what is called dividends.

Dividend is paid monthly, based on the value of Game Fund. Every month Game Fund is distributed across all share holders, in form of dividends. Which means, if there is 1 milion of shares, and Game fund is $1 000, means $1 000 / 1 000 000 = $0.001 per share. So if player owns $1000 shares, it gets $1 on the day of distribution. This is taxed of 11%. 10% referral tax and 1% transfer tax fee, paid back to the game fund.

The distribution normally takes anything between 0 and 2 AM, of the 1st of every month.

So over the time, earned value can accumulate, from owned shares. And the same time, it may be worth to wait, for better share market prices, for selling. Which can be win-win situation.

Yet to get anything from dividends, Game Fund need be higher than $0. Here comes the taxes all players has to pay. So any transactions and transfer fees are directed to this fund, keeping it ever growing. Well, until distribution day, when is zeroed and starts again.

GSHA Split by 100 = No loss

In short, this is split of each share to smaller shares. 1 GSHA become 100 GSHA. As the result, 1 milion become 100 millions of GSHA. And current value of each share, will be divided by 100. So as an example, share valued for $0.34, will cost $0.0034.

But perhaps the question will arise immediately, specially by share holders. Does it means I will loose in value, for already owned shares? In short, NO

Simply, if you own 2 000 shares, after split you will have 2 000 * 100, which is 200 000.
Which reflects in value of share $0.0034 * 100 * 2 000 = $0.34 * 2 000.

So why we need split?

Is to engage more players, ot buy and sell shares. So lets assume, you are new player. You earn from daily wage in game $0.1. Now you are interested with buying a share. If share is valued at $0.3, you can afford technically only fraction of this share. Which may be a bit counter intuitive. But, if share instead is valued for $0.003, then hey, I can afford quite few now.

So here we go, lets do the shopping. Which should stimulate the market, as in the concept.

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By the end of 2016, there was planned game shares split. But before going into matter, lets discuss what this involves, with recap of game shares significance. Game share (often called GSHA) are similar as company shares, both in game and in real world. GSHA can be ...

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