How To Get Daily Energy Bonus

Many new players having just started, are eligible to work straight away. However, little they know, there is something like daily energy bonus. This bonus has not been designed to get free money for almost no effort. Hence, it need be first enabled.

To enable the Daily Energy Bonus in the first place, you need first submit your profile picture for the avatar. It  must be unique and showing a face.

After submission, picture must be approved. So it may require some time, Typically from few hours to up to 24hrs.

After Submission and approval, your daily energy bonus should show up, displaying perhaps $0.005. This is due to lack of energy. Energy can be raised with numerous of energy goods, from food, wines, clothes, jewelry, to cars, and houses. 

Having some energy, players are under influence, of energy bonus level. If bonus is at $0.03 as an example, with energy level of 94%, you can earn daily even 2.82.

However, energy bonus can not be collected more often, than 24hrs, and +10 min. So keep your watch timer close, if you don't want to miss out. Also, make sure, you got some energy, as more energy, means higer reward from work and even more.

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