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Did you think about getting into fights in PipsTycoon? Or have you ever wonder what involves and what are certain element, icons etc. of the fighting system, what they means and does? Or maybe simply you are looking for more information? Here is something it may help you to understand and to start from.

Knowing basics about interface, you may be interested to learn more about fighting system, by reading Introduction To Fighting System

When you log in, you should see menu as above. To access to fights menu, you need click My Hero button.

To return from Fight Menu, to initial layout, you need click Home button. Keep in mind that at the current to have Home appearing, you may need to click My Hero button again, but in fight menu.

In this menu list, you will see My Hero, Hunt, Attack (in development), Arena (in development), Events (in development), War (in development), Highscores.

'In development', indicated as grey out, means this options coming soon. Hopefully by the end of 2017. 

My Hero

My Hero layout (Inventory menu) allow to inspect your avatar equipment. You may be willing to change it from the lower panel by drag and drop functionality. 

Hovering over each part of gear, allows to see its description.

Above screen shows worn set of jewelry, one iron sword and one piece of bark, which is shield. You can wild up two weapons at once, one in each hand. Or one weapon in left hand and one shield in right hand.

Jewelry is used automatically, if either rented or owned and worn. Jewelry has special additional abilities, to help fighters.
Clicking on link, you can read a bit more about Battle Jewelry

On the right hand side, you have displayed current statistics of your character. These are addiing additional bonuses, if any.
Also, at the top, your stamina is displayed and when hovered over, it shows how much you have max and at the current.

Stamina increases by 1 every 5 minutes (288 per day at max 100 stamina), or can be fully replenished from the ingame shop. More maximum stamina you have, cheaper Full Stamina Refill it gets per stamina point. Stamina is reduced by 10 every fight. And you can not fight, if you don't have enough stamina.

At default, every character has 100 stamina, and can be increased by adding relevant attributes, after each level. More about below.


Hunt section is designed for PvM fight. Is basically player vs mobs, or sometimes read as player vs monsters.

Two significant areas are mobs, and the character.
Mobs are displaying AI enemies you can fight with. You will not find information about mobs by hovering over them. Neither such feature is planned. You need look for such information in online articles, or ingame press, if available. Hopefully some information can be found here. Site Search Tool may come handy.

There is also a timer, which displays the time between each fight. You can fight only one enemy at the given time. Each PvM fight last up to 20 min. This duration can be reduced, by purchasing Member Ship, from the game shop. Is worth to mention that each membership gives also other additional perks.

Character sheet shows current worn gear. Can be specially useful, to see, if your gear is wearing out and need fixing, or replacing.

Below is shown stamina level and character stats.

After each fight, fight result will be displayed for a moment in popup on the left hand side. There are up to 20 rounds per fight and may be lower, if one of enemy/player will die quicker, by running out of health. If any drop will happens, either items, or cash, it will be also presented on that popup. The results of each fights can be viewed in the stories menu.

Attack, Arena, Events and War

These areas of menu are disabled at the moment to the public and only available to testers. There is only limited number of testers. These sections should be released consecutively, over the time.

These feature will allow to fight against other players PvP and in future, even making wars against nations, or their equivalent. 


Highscore allows to compare yourself, or other fighters, against each other. Criteria can be  selected, by clicking on the appropriate column header. Also you can type name of the player, to quick search. I believe, this is quite straight forward to understand.

Right Menu

Level and Experience

Your level and experience is displayed on the avatar icon, in the right hand side menu. You can view these from any menu in game.

At left bottom corner in circle is displayed your level. And at the bottom is your experience and values are displayed, when hovering mouse over it. Additionally, in right top corner is displayed avatars membership, circulated by its duration. Hovering will display its time in days.


When In fighting menu, player's attributes are displayed on the right hand side. There you can distribute your points, after each levelling. Every level player receives 5 points. You can put them as you want. And as the extra, you can reset them as many times you want, until you reach level 11. After reaching level 11 and above, if you want to reset your attribute points, you need purchase Hero Stats Reset from the game shop. The cost of the Reset is proportional to the hero level and cost increases by 0.1 every hero level. So at level 11, it will cost $1.1 to reset points and at level 17, it will cost $1.7, etc. 

Battle Trunk

Battle trunk as of 17.10.2016 has no use yet. But it purpose is mainly for PvP and wars. 

It will store your deposit cash and will hold you winnings from fights. Also if loosing, you will pay to winner from the battle trunk. So you main player cash on account is untouched. So it will be up to you, how much you deposit there. Withdrawals from battle trunk are taxed. But taxation is very low.

Left Menu

Left menu has following categories:

  • Inventory (default selected when entering fight menu) - see My Hero
  • Artifact Machine (in development)
  • Black Market (in development)
  • Weapon Market (allows for shopping weapons shields and armour)
  • Stories (hero fights results)
  • Fight Events (cash drops, gear breakdown, etc)
  • Statistics  (how many wins and defeats per each enemy)
  • Fight News (see other players cash drops)

Artifact Machine

Artifact machine allows to enhance gear, like weapons, shields and armour.
Enhancing will increase such gear level, of up ot maximum 10 and will consume required drops for recipes. Certain enhancements will require specific ingredients, to achieve desire result.

Enhancement is not guaranteed and it contain certain level of failure. Adding however more ingredients, will increase your chance of success.

Gear with level above 5, will not get destroyed (will not disappear), when its durability reaches 0. Instead it will be in your inventory, waiting for repair.

Black Market

Black market is another feature coming soon, which will allow to sell battle goods.

In basics, players would be able to sell their gear and drops to other players. What is more important, any gear that will be enhanced can be potentially sold for extra premium. Is up to seller and buyers of course.

Weapon Market

Weapon market can be also accessed from the market menu.

Then player can select what type of gear is looking for, like weapons, shields etc.

Also (coming soon) there are tools, to fix gear, in case it gets broken. 

Player may be interested in keeping certain gear, if it has special abilities.


Similar as in the Hunt section, stories show the past results of fights, including all drops.

This may help to estimate, whether distributed attributes are good for certain mobs, or it may be worth to redistribute them different way. Mind that up to level 10, you can try and reset your attributes as many times, as you want.

Good for experimenting.

If you see, that you miss too much, you may need to increase agility, but if your damage is very low, you may consider increasing strength, etc. Don't also forget about other attributes.

Fight Events

Events show financial aspect of fights. Including broken gear. You can track back your events and see how it affected your hero.

If you got cash drops, you will notice how much you could earn having 100% of energy and how much you actually earned, when holding x amount of energy.


Statistisc simply showing hero's total performance, over his/her lifetime. You can see what you killed and how many and even how much you earned in total from fights.

Fight News

Last part of side menu is fight news, which shows all fighters recent cash drops.

This section can be encouraging, specially if you can spot somebody winning more than $2.
Of course, this is assuming having 100%. Having less energy, factual winning is lower.

But this is not part 

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