Guide To PvM Fights and Levelling

This article may update at anytime, as following features are at dynamic development.
Also, please consider that up to level 23, no armor has been worn.

PvM is an abbreviation of players versus mobs, or players versus monsters. It is very familiar concept for every RPG gamer. In PipsTycoon in principles it works like in other games. Fight against mobs gain experience, grab the loot, use it, or sell it. PvM is only one of many ways of having fun, or even earning and it is step before entering PvP (Players vs Players).

List of mobs levels and their health is described in Introduction To Fighting System. It is important to indicate, that level of mob do not reflects level of the player. It means that depending on worn gear, you may be able to fight either lower level, or higher level mobs.

In general fighting higher mobs gives better loot if winning, but if loosing too often, even gaining exp., loosing opportunity of gaining valuable drops. So it important of balancing wining/loose vs mobs. Otherwise, you may need later to purchase ingredients, or upgraded gear from Black Market, if you won't have enough of collected drops.

If you are new to fighting interface, I suggest to have a read about Fighting Interface.

Fight Entry Requirements

Every player can enter fights with mobs, when having at least one weapon, or alternatively a shield. However, there is minimum 1 level required. This is displayed on your avatar icon, on the right hand side, in the blue circle (example shows level 19). Hovering over bottom bar, gives shows your experience.

Every player signing up in PIpsTycoon, starts with level 0. But it is very easy to get level 1. Player is required to work at lest once for some company. Working gives xp too, as well as fights.

After entering level one, you will be able to join fights as many other fighters.

Attributes Distribution Against Hero Level

Each gained level gives 5 attribute points. Each point gives certain hero's abilities, which are shown in the attributes table of Introduction To Fighting System tutorial.

What is important to watch for, when distributing points, is your survivability, which consist of dealt damage to the enemy and its frequency.

Following guide is focusing mainly around strength, agility and vitality, where intelligence and perception stay untouched at 0.
This is because, as of testing, such setup worked best at that time. Yet this may be different in future. Since up to level 10 you can reset your attributes many times as you want, is worth to try different configurations. Playing about, you may find your own best configuration. If so, share it with others.

Strength of course adds to the damage. 
Agility influences chance being hit, as well, as chance to give a hit. Agility also improves defence rate and can be potentially good with shield. However, this guide do not focus around shield, but rather dual weapon handling and fight results.

Worth to mention, that fighting is depending on luck factor, which is more-less random. However, it could be experienced, that at certain times of day, your hero got more luck than at other times. Hence you may end up in few battles won in a row, then few battle lost in a row.

Level 1

When you enter your hero for the first time, you may see such screen.

Depending if you distributed your attributes, or not, you will see them on the right and available points may be 0 if you did, or 5 if haven't. Not the problem, as you can simply reset them for free. 

At first, hero need to met weapon handling requirements. As of default, it cannot wield anything. Is simply to weak. But with addition of just few attributes points to strength and agility, you can start using Wet Stick.

Wet stick requires 30 strength and 21 agility.
If considering more expensive option, Iron Sword, it requires 31 strength and 22 agility.

Starting with 28 strength and 20 agility, hero needs minimum 3 attributes to start wielding a Wet Stick, or 5 points, for Iron Sword.
This are good, as gives better damage and hit/defence ratio.

Your first weapon you can buy on black market, or in the "normal" market, where other items can be purchased.

Unless anything will change, in mobs and hero of their health / defence etc, you should be able to skip first mob at its level 2 and fight directly Rammer Beetle level 3. This gives also better chance for drops.

Remember, that you can sell you drops for extra cash!

Depends of your fighting frequency, you should be able to hit level 2 and 3 in no time.

Your hero my look something like that, wearing only simple weapon, like Wet Stick.

Level 3

By level 3, you should get some first drops. You can keep them for later, or resell them for cash, on black market. Strength and vitality will be the major player at the beginning. Rammer Beetle went down so easily.

Level 5

By the level 5, hopefully you should be able to afford for 2 sticks or stick and shield (piece of bark). I went into dual weapon wielding path. Having two weapons, helps to kill chickens quicker, for the cost of higher risk, to be hit. Also, shields gives better chance for drops. If you can afford a sword, I would suggest go for it, or wait few more levels.

Attributes by the time, were focused on Strength, Agility and Vitality. First one is to increase the damage. Second improves chance of hitting enemy, and dodging attacks. And vitality ads both health and stamina.

Keep in mind Piece of Bark as shield, is cheap and gives same extra amount, of basic additional drop.

Level 7

Then next is an example of wielding two swords. Selling drops, should allow to purchase one, or even two weapons, or weapon and shield. 

You should be able to see major focus on strength.

Such setup, could give you open door, to Raged Snail winnings. However, chicken stil could visit you occasionally, if snails happens to be too strong.

Green +20 indication, next to additional drop chance, is from golden membership.

Level 10

Renting, or owning battle jewelry, gives great advantage during fights. Owning is good, specially when fighting a lot. They not only bust your additional drop chance, but also they add special attributes parameters. Depending on that, you may want to rebalance Attributes. In this case, I could reduce some strength and put into vitality/agility. 

Of course, you may not receive, what you really looking for, when comes to buying. Luckily, I have won jewelry with strength, agility and vitality.  

But remember, if you go for agility, keep eye on your damage dealt to mobs. If is too low, in range of few, this means, you need higher damage, by higher strange, better weapon, or other means.

Level 10 is your last stop, for playing with attributes. After that, you will need to pay, for each reset of them. Use it and try different configurations. Keep also in mind, that hero luck may play tricky and you find your self winning in row, while other time loosing all the time, with same configuration.

Level 15

At level 15, you should be able pretty much familiar with basics and how to adapt further Attributes.
As you notice, all examples show only gear level 1 and no armour. Sot once you start wearing these, it may change priorities of points distributions. Black market, or/and practising Craftsmanship, will be the way, you would need to choose, to get most of fights. 

Attributes are Strength 57, Agility 53 and Vitality 13. However, my founding shown, that bit more strength would be advisory, as my damage was quite low at that point.

Level 22

Above hero overview, with level 23 teaser.

Much higher emphasis has been put now, on strength, to increase damage. 

And next picture shows fighting statistics, against Expert Raged Snail 

Judging by the damage, I was making much lower damage than other players. But possibly more often, due to higher agility. Yet it allowed me to keep up in the race. So as you can see, there is more than one way, to get to the same point.

Last image is about my mobs fights ration/winning. Lots of them are during testing phase. Never the less, it may be somehow helpful. 

Possibly holding two 15 level swords instead of sword and shield, would allow to kill with some success Hound Ghost Wolf. But instead, I took the hits in the chin, by being eaten by this mob ;) 

For rest, I let you judge by your self ;)

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