Introduction To Fighting System

This article may update at anytime, as following features are at dynamic development.

This article is to introduce to fighting system and is based on my previous article PipsTycoon Introduces Fighting System. It explains some basics behind its certain aspects, like levels, attributes, mobs, gear and drops, etc. The main concept is similar to RPG and MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games), hence anybody familiar, will figure out all principles very quick.

If you are new to fighting interface, I suggest to have a read about Fighting Interface.

Please be advised that provided parameters and statistics are only guidance and are the subject to change, along as game evolves, to keep balance.

Levelling and Experience

 Levelling is based on gathering experience of course. But you can gain your experience in two ways, where first one is inevitable at the beginning for every new player, who wants to fight. 

You gain exp by both working and fighting.
While working gives always 2 xp, xp from fights is heavily depending on yours and your enemy levels and result of the fight. Higher enemy level from the hero level, more xp you get. So for low level mobs, you may get very few xp. Also, when you die, you get only fraction of exp, what you would get when winning. You can not loose xp.

Below table is likely to change after 27.10.2016. Ratio of gain XP per fight will be reduced, to slow down levelling

Player Level

Mob Level

Level Difference

XP For Winning

XP For Loosing

XP % of Max XP

1 9 9 ?? 9 ??
2 2 0 2 2 100
2 3 1 4.5 ?? ??
8 4 4 2 0.44 22
17 14 3 10.89 0.78 7.1
17 17 0 ?? 0.94 ??
17 12 5 8 0.67 8.3
18 9 9 4.5 0.5 10
19 12 7 7,58 0.63 8.3

Lets have a look now, at player levels and its relevant title:


Required Experience

Hero Title

0 0
1 50 I am Noob
2 150 Standard Noob
3 300 Curious Noob
4 500 Explorer Noob
5 750 Adventurer Noob
6 1050 Skilled Noob
7 1400 Newbie
8 1800 Good Newbie
9 2250 Advanced Newbie
10 2750 Enhanced Newbie
11 3300 Better Newbie
12 3900 Good Newbie
13 4550 Stil Newbie
14 5250 Good Newbie
15 6000 Newbie Slasher
16 6800 Newbie Expert
17 7650 Master Newbie
18 8550 Novice
19 9500 Novice Scout
20 10500 Novice Explorer
21 11550 Novice Hunter
22 12650 Novice Collector
23 13800 Novice Challenger
24 15000 ??
25 16250 ??
26 17550 ??
27 18900 ??
28 20300 ??
29 21750 ??

Stamina Regeneration

Stamina regenerates it self at constant speed, of 1 per 5 min. This gives in total 288 stamina per 24 hours. You hero has limited amount of stamina, which can store. Initially maximum is 100. This can be increased, by adding relevant Hero Attributes. Each time hero fights, uses 10 stamina. Depending of frequency of fights per day, you may consider increasing stamina, to store it more, when you not in game, and use it in more appropriate time. But bear in mind, need balance stamina amount, with other parameters of your Hero.

You can also instant refill your full stamina, by entering in game shop. It cost the same, for any amount of stamina. So here is advantage, of owning more of it. Example below

Hero Attributes

Hero attributes allow to develop you hero, into desired profession. Similar as in PRG genere games, you can invest in strength, agility, vitality, Intelligence, or precision. These will have crucial effect on your chance of survivability. Same attributes in PvM configuration, may not be necessary the most effective in PvP. So many things need to be taken into consideration.

As long your hero is below level 11, you can reset your attributes, as many times as you want for free. This gives great opportunity, to test your performance and hero's abilities. However, after level 10, to reset you attributes, you need purchase Reset Attributes from in game shop.

Below is presented relation table of the attributes to the resulted stats of the hero.

Initial Attributes



Strength 28
Agility 20
Vitality 0
Inteligence 0
Perception 0

Initial Parameters

Hero Parameter


Stamina 100
Calculated Strength 28
Calculated Agility 20
Calculated Vitality 0
Calculated Intelligence 0
Calculated Perception 0
Health 138
Damage Range 3.5 - 7
Attack Speed 0.00
Attack Success Rate 42
Defense 0.00
PVM Defense Success Rate 0.00
Critical Chance 0.00
Critical Damage Range 0.3165 - 0.6335
Additional Drop Chance 0.00
Double Hit 0.00
Reflect 0.00
Craftsmanship 0

Parameter changes, per attribute point







Stamina 0 – 0 0 – 0 3 – 0 3 – 0 3 – 0
Calculated Strength 1.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Calculated Agility 0.00 1.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Health 1.00 0.00 4 0.00 0.00
Damage Range 0.13 - 0.25 0 - 0 0 - 0 0 - 0 0 - 0
Attack Speed 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Attack Success Rate 0.25 1.50 0.00 0.00 0.00
Defense 0.00 0.33 0.00 0.00 0.00
PVM Defense Success Rate 0.00 0.33 0.00 0.00 0.00
Critical Chance 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.07
Critical Damage Range 0.24 – 0.48 0 – 0 0 – 0 0.14 – 0.28 0.14 – 0.28
Additional Drop Chance 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Double Hit 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.05 0.00
Reflect 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.05 0.00
Craftsmanship ?? ?? ?? ?? ??


There are weapons, shields, armour and Battle Jewelry, to help in fights. Each part of gear boosts certain aspect of the Hero.

Weapons - provides damage (tear 1: Wet Stick; tear 2: sword; you can fight with two weapons at once)
Shields - provide extra defence and increase drops chance (tear 1: Piece of Bark; tear 2: Shield; you can fight with only shield and even without weapon)
Armour - provides main defence (5 pieces: Helmet, Curiass, Tasset, Sabaton and Gauntlet)
Battle Jewelry - This significantly can improve fighting performance, by adding extra Hero attributes (5 pieces: Ring, Watch, Bracelet, Pendant and Earrings)


PipsTycoon offers two types of weapons (as of 26.10.2016).
This can classified as tier 1 and tier 2 weapons.







Wet Stick 1 Weapon Level: 1
Durability: 0/100
Required Strength: 30
Required Agility: 21
Required Level: 1
Attack: 1-2
Attack Speed: 8
No No
Iron Sword 2 Weapon Level: 1
Durability: 0/300
Required Strength: 31
Required Agility: 22
Required Level: 1
Attack: 1-6
Attack Speed: 10
Yes 1-15


PipsTycoon offers two types of shields (as of 26.10.2016).
This can classified as tier 1 and tier 2 weapons.







Piece of Bark 1 Shield Level: 1
Durability: 0/100
Required Strength: 31
Required Agility: 22
Required Level: 1
Defense: 2
Def. Succes Rate: 2
Drop chance: 5
No No
Wooden Shield 2 Shield Level: 1
Durability: 0/300
Required Strength: 32
Required Agility: 22
Reqired Level: 1
Defense: 4
Def. Succes Rate: 7
Drop chance: 5
Yes 1-15


Armour is designed, to provide additional protection, it also can be upgraded, same as weapons and shields.







Leather Gauntlet 1 Level: 1
Durability: 0/240
Required Strength: 34
Required Level: 3
Defense: 2
Yes 1-15
Leather Helmet 1 Level: 1
Durability: 0/280
Required Strength: 39
Required Level: 5
Defense: 5
Yes 1-15
Leather Cuirass 1 Level: 1
Durability: 0/400
Required Strength: 49
Required Level: 7
Defense: 10
Yes 1-15
Leather Tasset 1 Level: 1
Durability: 0/360
Required Strength: 44
Required Level: 6
Defense: 7
Yes 1-15
Leather Sabaton 1 Level: 1
Durability: 0/280
Required Strength: 38
Required Level: 4
Defense: 3
Yes 1-15

Weapon & Shields Upgrades

2nd tear weapons and shields enhancement is available for up to level 15, where upgrading levels:

- 14-15 is with risk of being destroyed when failing and dropping star dust as the result;
- 12-13 when failing, will result with loosing enhancement ingredients and level of targeted item to upgrade will be degraded down by 1 level (to minimum level 1) and will drop star dust;
- Gear below that level when failing, will result with loosing only enhancing ingredients.

Ingredients my consist of either drops, other gear and precious metals.

Having gear level 5+, will not be destroyable, when its duration falls to 0. But cannot be used after that, until repaired.

Drops and Tear 2 Wet Sticks, or Piece of Bark are not upgradable, nor repairable.

Upgrades along with Black Market engage players even more, as trading will be encouraged, due to demand on different items like upgraded gears and drops.

Below is an example of swords set from level 1 to 15 (max)

You can notice that higher level gear, will have enhanced background color, along with higher level.
Special rare weapons, are indicated by a star in right bottom corner.
These require more attention during upgrades, but that is material for separate tutorial.


Drops are required for upgrading gear, to improve fighting abilities. Drops will be only generated by killed, or defeated mobs. Ratio of drops is highly depending on hero level, membership, worn gear level, and also the shield. It is not guaranteed, that mob will drop anything, if fight has been won. But with Black Market and relevant gear for drops, there will be optional path for players, who wants to fight mainly for drops. Drops can become very profitable, as upgrading will be demanding and risky.

Each level of hero, level of worn gear, including Battle Jewelry and additional drop chance from shield (5 per its level + its level), increase significantly frequency of received drops. So for example, level 1 hero will get 1 Additional drop chance. Where Hero level 2 with stick, gets 2 + 1 = 3 additional chances for drop.

Example below, shows hero level 23, with full set of Battle Jewlry, Sword level 15 and Shield level 2. This consist of 23 + 5 +15 +(2*5 + 2) = 23 + 20 + 12 = 55 additional chances for drop.

Types of drops consists of:
- Money (as bonus)
- And ...



Required For

Achieved By

Bones Upgrading Weapons Any mob up to level 9
Claws Upgrading Weapons Any mob up to level 9
Strange Grease Upgrading Shields Any mob from level 10 up
Metalic Bolt Upgrading Shields Any mob from level 10 up
Light Shard Upgrading Armours ??
Rivet Upgrading Armours ??
Star Dust Upgrading Special Gear Attibute By bailing upgrading gear
Small HP Potion Upgrading and healing (future feature) Any mob
Medium HP Potion Upgrading and healing (future feature) Any mob
Large HP Potion Upgrading and healing (future feature) Any mob

- And more, waiting to be discovered

Amount of winning money as a drops, is related to Fight Budged (ingame Lik) and this is fuelled by related fighting market/black market transactions. Most likely players will receive small amounts for most fights. But occasionally, when luck is in favour, higher cash drops can occur reaching few $. Historically observed drops as high as $3 and $6 and even $22.5 (November 2016).

However, factual received reward, is proportional to own energy. So if players energy is at 50%, and his drop is $1, player will receive halve of it, which is $0.50.

Certain drops only drops form certain types of mobs. Such ingredients will be required for upgrades of variety equipment. This way, lower lever players will be given opportunity, to sell theirs gathers, to other players, specially with higher level, or those who are specialising in gear upgrades for further sale. 

Mobs (PvM)

Mobs has been introduced to the game, to provide drops, required for upgrading Hero gear. They are also allow for levelling, without investing money for PvP fights.

, that level of the mob, do NOT reflects level of the player. Hero attributes and gear will affect fight results. Depending on that, hero may find, that fighting lower or higher level mob is effective for him/her. However, difference in levels between hero and mob influences chance of drops and specially money.

There is a level limitation, of which mob player can fight with. This 9 level difference, either higher, or lower from Hero level.
So, if player has level 1, maximum level of mob that player can fight is 10. When player is level 19, minimum level that player can fight is 10.

Below are basics mobs info. Hp is not displayed in the game, and can be only gathered in experimental way, by fighting such mob.
Each mob got also other attributes, but gathering such is not as simple, as hit points. Please allow +-10% divination for mobs HP.





Smelly Worm 2 78
Rammer Beetle 3 74
Chicken 4 89
Raged Snail 6 132
Crazed Chiwawa 8 154
Small Ghost Wolf 9 178
Elite Chicken 12 236
Expert Raged Snail 14 325
Hound Ghost Wolf 17 517
?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ??


Coming Soon!

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