Quick Guide To Registration

  • Make sure you chose right link, before signing in. 
  • Your link prefix should contain https:// for secure connection
  • I highly advise to use my referral link https://www.pipstycoon.com/?i=21077, as I can personally provide additional guidance and tips, if requested, while starting and playing. Also, since I am producer of many goods, I can offer exclusive offers to my referrals. So make sure, that in registration form, Antypodish name is displayed at the bottom.
  • Of course, you can sign up via official link https://www.pipstycoon.com, but you automatically loose opportunity for additional guidance and exclusive goods offers. You will be perhaps assigned randomly to some other player, or put on the referral market, where anybody can buy you for $$$. You don't gain from the selling, or renting  transaction.
  • Chose your Nickname wisely. You won't be able to change it and that is what is displayed in a game.
  • Respect yourself and your money and make sure, you are using strong password, which is not used on other social media websites, forums,  or emails, etc.
  • Read carefully Terms & Conditions so you don't get surprised. Specially about inactivity period, robots and multi accounts.
  • After registration, complete your profiles. You find it in settings area. 

Last Update: 2016-11-27 11:58:41

PipsTycoon Introduction To Fighting System

Introduction to fighting system, explaining about attributes, levelling, fighting gear, like jewlery, offensive and defensive equipment, etc.

Last Update: 2016-11-10 00:28:19

PipsTycoon Introduction To Fighting System

PvM is an abbreviation of players versus mobs, or players versus monsters. It is very familiar concept for every RPG gamer. In PipsTycoon in principles it works like in other games. Fight against mobs gain experience, grab the loot, use it, or sell it. PvM is only one of many ways of having fun, or even earning and it is step before entering PvP (Players vs Players).

Last Update: 2016-10-26 23:51:35

Fighting Interface

This is introduction to fighting interface in PipsTycoon, by explaining about what menu is used for what purpose and what to expect.

Last Update: 2016-10-23 21:20:47

PipsTycoon Registration

PipsTycoon Renaissance Tutorials Quick Guide To Registration

Last Update: 2016-10-09 00:00:00

Factory Workplaces

PipsTycoon Renaissance Tutorials Opening New Company

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