Become Strategist, Manager, Trader, or Fighter And Earn Playing Real Cash Economy Game PipsTycoon Reneissance

I would like to introduce PipsTycoon, where you can earn extra $$$ and turn it into real money.

PipsTycoon Renaissance is a web based browser Real Cash Economy (RCE) game and financial simulator, in which you can earn money, by doing various of activities.

In the past game went through very turbulent times, only to just to raise again in 2017. Hence its "Renaissance" extension in the title. 

Game is during its beta and under heavy development. continuously adding new features, with emphasis on battle system, resolving any issues and providing enjoyment to the players and pips community. 

Official release of PipsTycoon is planned for early 2017. Yet that is not the end of the line.

Further to that, there is a plan ahead, for another 2 years of PipsTycoon further Development and expansion, after which, all depends how whole system turns out.

Just to describe briefly, how developers are serious about this product, is by preparing game for implementing PyaPal methods, along with bitcoins, as a current withdrawal method. Such partnership would enhance popularity, trustworthiness, hence fun and gain for whole PipsTycoon community.

Some of current features are:

The way you can earn, is up to you. Plan evaluate and gain from your activities.

You can find more, reading Become a strategist, manager, trader, or fighter and earn playing PipsTycoon

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