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Woman and health: your best portal today for health and healthy life.

Woman and health is a health  portal  created for all those people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle . A platform in which we publish news and articles of great professional specialists in each subject to take care of the  health of women and mena.


Health is not everything, but without it everything else is nothing

We do not usually give it the importance and transcendence that it has until we lose it, being then when we realize that everything that in principle seemed more important and priority lacks all that importance.

Health is an intangible good that can not be quantified, because it does not really have a value as such, and health is something so extremely important that it values ​​everything else.

Back pain

Dr. Bartolomé Fiol – Neurosurgeon

Helicobacter pylori

Dr. Fermín Mearin – Medicine of the digestive system

Herniated disc – symptoms and diagnosis

Dr. Bartolomé Fiol – Neurosurgeon

Varices on the legs

Dr. Claudia Mitru – Phlebology

Do you think there is something more important than health? We think that health is the first thing that should occupy our daily agenda and be our main priority.No dream, no goal or purpose can be achieved without health. Of what use would the recognition, the money, the dream come true if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it?

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), one of the best writers in German language of all time and, without a doubt, also one of the leading figures of Western philosophy who had health as an essential requirement to achieve happiness , writing sentences as those of the title itself and the following:

“Health exceeds external goods in such a way that in reality a healthy beggar is happier than a sick king.”
“In general, nine-tenths of our happiness are based on health.”
“It is true that nothing contributes less to happiness than wealth, and that nothing contributes more to it than health.”

Cervical cancer

Dra. Mª Teresa Gómez – Gynecologist

Asbestosis, asbestos disease

Dr. Jordi Roig – Pulmonologist

COPD – Obstructive pulmonary disease in women

Dr. Joseph Morera – Pulmonologist

Bronchial asthma and pregnancy

Dr. Joseph Morera – Pulmonologist

We are also fully convinced that in the information age on issues that affect our health it is vital to be informed of good sources and great specialists in each subject. That is why we try to select and incorporate great doctors and specialists.

In the articles that we publish in Women and Health you will see clearly who is the professional who writes each article, what is his specialty and if he is in a reference hospital center, private clinic, etc. That is, where they exercise their activity and you can find them.

Thanks to our sponsors, advertisers, coordinators and above all to our collaborators we can offer the best advice and recommendations regarding health, beauty, aesthetics, nutrition, diets, couples, sexuality, pregnancy, baby care, children, adolescents, sports practices and much more.

The articles we publish are of great quality, being written by doctors and other specialists in each subject.

Among our professional collaborators, our sponsors and referenced products, we are trying to create a great community that is committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Acidosis, pH and disease

Dr. Mariano Bueno – Integrative Medicine

Dental bruxism in women

Dr. Javier Gonzalez – oral and maxillofacial surgery

Colon cancer symptoms

Dr. Francisco Perez – Digestive Medicine

Head and neck cancer

Dr. Iván Domenèch – Otorrino

Balanced diets: healthy diet and nutrition

In this section you can find articles on healthy eating habits that will allow you to enjoy nutrition and health with greater guarantees. Articles like the imc woman  index of ideal body mass that will allow us to have an orientation to calculate the healthy weight for our body.

Whatever your goal, do not pay attention to miracle diets Always remember to have the supervision and follow-up of a qualified specialist in the field. Whether they are expert nutritionists , sports dietitians or whatever their specialty, these qualified professionals can help you among other objectives to eat a healthy diet to lose weight and lose weight properly. In this way you can lose weight with health by eating a healthy diet . Avoiding the intake of unhealthy foods that you should avoid in a healthy and balanced diet.

Miracle diet or balanced diet

Mayra López – Fitness instructor

As for food , you can also see items such as food during pregnancy. Wellbeing as some of our recommendations, for example an important one is to use  titanium pans to enjoy healthy meals and dinners with greater conservation of nutrients when cooking healthier foods .
In these same pages you can find healthy and easy recipes that we will be publishing on our YouTube channel.

Some of our regular collaborators in this section are specialized in sports nutrition, obesity and overweight, pathologies or diseases with food impact, infant immunity and sensitization or food intolerance.

Hair graft: implant, micro-graft, FUE and FUSS techniques

Dr. José Córdoba – Plastic surgeon

Rhinoplasty Guide

Androgenetic alopecia and fibrosing frontal

Dr. Aurora Guerra – Dermatologist

Treatment with Minoxidil

Dr. Elena González – Dermatologist

Buttocks increase, perfect ass

Dr. Iván Mañero – plastic surgeon

Diabetes: Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia

Mayra López – Fitness instructor

What are hypopressive exercises?

Mayra López – Fitness instructor

Whether you are a man or a woman, surely family life is better with health

The benefits of sports are well-known  , and the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle and practicing sports on an individual level, in a collective or in a family environment, are innumerable, because for everyone it is well known that life is better with health .

The sports practice of an activity can be competitive, therapeutic, educational, recreational or social. Ideal to promote health and well-being, prevent diseases and ailments typical of sedentary lifestyle. Also for the education of our children.

Very related to legal exercises we have  abdominal hypopressive exercises, postural and respiratory exercises that involve a high percentage of muscles and that decrease intra-abdominal pressure.

Section in which we also talk about diabetes in sports practice, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. As well as sports medicine or sports medicine, which is the medical specialty that studies the effects of physical activity and sports on our body. For the prevention and treatment of injuries, backaches and diseases. For this we will have the participation of Dr. Francisco José Sarasa Oliván specialist in sports medicine in Zaragoza.

In our portal and magazine you will find articles and news written by medical professionals who practice their profession in private consultations or in hospitals of the public or private Spanish healthcare system.

Health and medical specialists in specialized primary care, in general medicine, in internal and preventive medicine, in plastic and aesthetic surgery, neurology, urology, nephrology, dermatology, pediatrics as well as in many other branches and medical specialties.

All of them with medical knowledge and with an adequate academic training. So at Mujer y Salud we are proud to collaborate and work with great professionals of each specialty. Although the vast majority of our collaborators are doctors, other specialists in nutrition, physical education, sexuality and psychology also participate.

The advice and recommendations of our collaborators do not replace at any time those that your family doctor can provide you in primary care or in the medical consultation, nor can they qualify as a second medical opinion performing a self-diagnosis.

Mental, emotional and state health: mental illnesses and disorders

It is essential to have good physical and mental health. Including in this last one our mental, emotional, psychological and social well-being. Mental hygiene affects our way of thinking, self-esteem, identity, behavior, moods, mood, feelings, etc. That is, the capacity of any person as an individual.

In addition to your own genetics and family history, managing the stress of your current lifestyle, facing normal day-to-day stresses, problems, fear situations, panic or even the death of a family member, can lead to health problems. anxiety, depression, mental disorders or even some mental disorder. The abuse of illegal substances can also increase the risk.

Mental disorders encompass a wide range of problems including anxiety disorders, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders and bipolar disorder, as well as phobias, depression and schizophrenia.

Social phobia

Oriol Lugo – Psychologist

Third entity in the couple: anxiety or depression

Dr. Clara Pons – couples therapist

Medications and counseling can help with many of the mental disorders. For when those people with diseases and mental disorders receive the diagnosis and adequate treatment, their psychological and psychological health improves, as well as their positive attitudes, habits and behaviors.

The therapy or psychotherapy in psychology or psychiatry, we can also be helpful to improve self-control, the management of emotions, to be able to deal with excesses of stress and concerns, with for example self-esteem dynamics and relaxation techniques that we also will help you fall asleep, sleep better and avoid insomnia.

The support of friends and loved ones is also fundamental even in such sensitive matters as the prevention of suicide, especially when there is some disability and dependency.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are 400 types of mental disorders. On October 10, the World Mental Health Day is commemorated with the main purpose of reducing the social stigma that the mentally ill suffer.

Sexual health: men, women and sex

What is sexuality?

Sexuality is the set of anatomical, physiological and psychological conditions that characterize the sex of each individual. An aspect of the human being that includes sex, reproduction, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual identity, intimacy and pleasure. Female and male sexuality manifests, lives and expresses through attitudes, values, behaviors, thoughts, desires, practices, sexual relations and interpersonal relationships.

The physical and sexual differences between men and women are very evident at the level of anatomy and genitalia, having among other differences the female body a more defined waist. But also at the level of sexual fantasies, passion, desire, sexual life, and sexual problems.

As well as his sexual response, although in many cases the man tends to be very direct, in the relations of sex with women, the preliminary games, the stimulation of the nipples, stimulate the clitoris that is full of nerve endings with oral sex and of the point g in the vagina, will make the woman can have a greater lubrication and vaginal discharge, favoring all that to reach the female orgasm. Some sexual positions also increase the stimulation of certain areas that can cause an orgasm in it more easily.

Vasectomy: What a woman needs to know about her

Dr. Manuel Martínez – Urologist

Erectile dysfunction

Dr. Manuel Martínez – Urologist

The self-knowledge of our own body will make us enjoy a better sex, being able to acquire it through masturbation in which sex toys can be used, or with your relationships and sexual activity. Whether sex man and woman, or between people of the same sex with relationships between women or sex with man, what would come to be said homosexuality.

Sex in adolescence may be less satisfactory than in adult women, being able to experience pain in the first relationship, in addition to the false myths that exist about the first time you can also experience painful relationships with menstruation.

The positions, postures and sexual relations during pregnancy will also change, as the female organs undergo changes (cervix, fallopian tubes, vulva, etc.). On this point we would like to recommend the article on sex during pregnancy of our sexologist in Madrid.

In this other section you will also find articles on topics such as sexuality questions , sexuality testing for couples and other related questions.

The sexual frequency is normal that age decreases due to factors such as menopause and dysfunctions, but sexuality in old age can be totally satisfactory, either between older couples, or sex with men or older women and younger couples.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Dra. Mª Teresa Gómez – gynecologist

Urine infections in women

Dr. Manuel Martinez – Urologist

Contraceptive method

Contraceptive methods are the methodology that prevents or reduces the possibility of a pregnancy occurring during sexual intercourse, whether through actions, devices or medications. Each contraceptive method has its level of effectiveness. Each couple can choose the contraceptive method that best suits their needs. Must be very clear that sexual practice with or without penetration, and with or without ejaculation, has a danger beyond an unwanted pregnancy, the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

Not all contraceptive methods are adequate to prevent and prevent sexually transmitted diseases, for example, the contraceptive pill, is a very effective method of contraception to avoid pregnancy, but absolutely useless to prevent the spread of STDs such as AIDS, the virus of the human papilloma, etc. So before having a sexual relationship you should think mainly about two basic issues: contraception and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

The method most commonly used by men and women is usually a male condom, better known as a condom, although there is also a female condom. When you do not want to have more children, you also usually resort to vasectomy or tubal ligation.

Many women when they are looking for a baby usually ask a large number of questions, such as what pregnant women can not do, things that can not be eaten, prohibited things, what are the fertile days to get pregnant, etc. They usually also use some ovulation calendar or some ovulation calculator. But what is the pregnant woman most needed to know?

The pregnant woman

Pregnant women experience physical changes in their body from the first symptoms and signs of pregnancy, through all stages, birth and postpartum. Some of these changes in the anatomy of the female body are very obvious as seeing the belly or belly of the pregnant woman as she gets fat for weeks. The organs of the female reproductive system and their parts also change when you are pregnant.

Sudden mood changes occur, going from joy to sadness in just a few minutes, being more frequent in the first trimester of pregnancy, reducing throughout the second trimester until a few weeks before delivery.

These mood swings are a consequence of hormonal changes and psychological aspects, it is a stage of major changes causing many uncertainties and concerns in the couple but especially in the future mother.

Psychological preparation for the birth

Juan Vicente Blázquez – Psychologist

Feeding during pregnancy

Mayra López – Fitness instructor

The birth rate in Spain

The birth rate in Spain is the lowest in Europe, with 1.34 births per woman. Most Spanish mothers expect to spend 30 years to have their first baby mainly for economic reasons and working conditions. Which results in mothers with fewer children and older.

These factors also cause that in the woman of today the fertility rate is lower and that there is a higher risk of abortion and infertility. Having also increased the treatments of assisted reproduction in a considerable way, of which we could highlight:

Artificial insemination (AI), which is a simple and fairly inexpensive assisted reproduction technique, in which sperm are introduced unnaturally into the mother’s womb, with the aim of fertilization and pregnancy.

And in vitro fertilization (IVF), which is a complex technique of assisted reproduction used in fertility centers that help couples or single women who have difficulty in getting the arrival of a baby. Another option for many people who for one reason or another can not have a child is adoption.

Benefits of physical exercise

Juan Vicente Blázquez – Psychologist

Pregnancy and physical activity

Dr. Francisco José Sarasa – Sports Medicine

Pregnancy and childbirth is a very important stage in the life of any woman, so in this section you will find articles about pregnancy week by week . They talk about the first symptoms of pregnancy (menstrual delay, frequent urination, vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, fatigue, excessive sleepiness, nausea, constipation, abdominal swelling, colic, back pain, breast pain and enlargement, dizziness , food desires, cravings, acne, etc.) Symptoms that usually appear after the first weeks of fertilization. You will also know about the urine or blood pregnancy tests, with which the level of the hormone chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) can be measured.

It is important to know soon because from the beginning you can take measures that will benefit the future baby such as avoiding alcohol, drugs and medicines, eating a balanced diet, controlling blood glucose, blood pressure and taking supplements such as folic acid and iron, in addition to of course eating a healthy and healthy diet.

During the nine months of gestation it is very important that future mothers follow the recommendations of our specialists in gynecology and obstetrics such as Dr. Mª Teresa Gómez Sugrañes gynecologist in Barcelona at the Quiron Teknon Hospital, as well as in food and nutrition for, among others, a adequate weight during pregnancy and pregnancy.

Kegel exercises and pelvic floor

Agata Krupa – physiotherapist

Genital prolapses

Agata Krupa – physiotherapist

Information that we will expand in our publications on pregnancy, also from the emotional, psychological and physical activity point of view, such as the exercise for the strengthening of our pelvic floor with Agata Krupa, specialist in physiotherapy in Valencia specialized in urogynecology, gynecology and obstetrics, because our pelvic health is very important, to be able to avoid as far as possible genital prolapse ( Cystocele , Hysterocele, Rectocele or Enterocele)

Therefore, we recommend this extensive guide with practical examples  of Kegel exercises for pelvic floor . The pelvic floor is a set of muscles that support the weight of the internal organs of the pelvic and abdominal cavity (the uterus, bladder, urethra, intestines …). Being one of the parts of the female body that changes most throughout the life of women.

Family life with babies, children and adolescents

Children change their lives to all families, especially their parents, but especially their mother. You want the best for them and in most cases you do not know what happens to them when they are babies. Does my child sleep enough? Will it be hot in the crib? How long will it take for the baby to breastfeed? What papillas should he eat for his development? What is the best stimulation of the baby? Activities and play? , To whom to turn?

They can be colic, pain or fever in babies, who knows. In this section you will find some articles for the best growth of the child since they are babies, with everything necessary for the care of your little newborn in its first months of life. At the beginning it is normal that we are scared because such a tiny life is very fragile and requires special care. In some of your articles you can discover the causes of headaches in childhood, you will also know more about  ADHD and hyperactivity

Bronchiolitis in babies

Dr. Fernando Garcia-Sala – Pediatrician

Hyperactivity and ADHD

Dr. Manuel Antonio Fernandez – Pediatrician

You want them to grow as healthy as possible, also happier enjoying their childhood, adolescence and youth, with a complete well-being, both physical and mental, then becoming young adolescents.

promotion and education for health

In this other stage they will be secondary school students having a great opportunity for learning and teaching, training and skills development. In which it is very important that adolescents also acquire knowledge and attitudes in health education, beyond their professional training, to be able to face adulthood with a healthy life.

In education centers every day it is more usual to have experts in healthy and healthy food, child care and mental health, so that children can acquire and learn to develop their social capacity, and adopt a style and conditions of life.

They usually perform a greater number of activities aimed at promoting their integration in different groups, the relationship with others, learning values, promotion and protection of the environment, incorporation of healthy daily eating habits to eat better and have a healthy and balanced diet , etc. What will allow them to enjoy better individual and collective health.

Health professionals with consultations in hospitals and their own centers

The articles we publish are written by doctors and other specialists in each subject.

All our collaborators are excellent health professionals who in addition to writing in Women and Health have their own consultations or are in reference hospital centers

Make an appointment for the doctor online

Although we are not a platform to request an appointment and an appointment online , you can contact them with the information they have on their file. In these files you will see all the medical services, their training, experience as well as an email and / or phone number to request a medical appointment . With some of them you can even have sessions or health consultations online via Skype. Inform yourself and ask them without commitment.

Visiting your file or asking them you can also know if they work with private health insurance and if they do with what health insurance

 Medical picture Adeslas, Mapfre, Sanitas, Asisa, DKV, Axa, Caser, Hna, …

Some of our collaborators have agreements or even form part of the medical staff of Mapfre, Sanitas, Adeslas, Asisa, General i, DKV, Cigna, Medifiatc or other companies.

But in Women and Health we are not part of any of these medical tables , although on occasion we can have advertising in the magazine or a banner of any of them.

More health and well-being for today’s woman

Woman and health is a platform created especially for today’s woman , but it is also ideal for all those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, regardless of their sex or age.

Thanks to our sponsors, advertisers, coordinators and above all to our collaborators we can offer the best advice and recommendations regarding health, beauty, aesthetics, nutrition, diets, couples, sexuality, pregnancy, baby care, children, adolescents, sports practices and much more.

We will also present you the best promotions from our sponsors and referenced, as well as discounts and raffles, will you miss it? I would not do it.

You are one step away from being able to be informed of all our news, the advice and recommendations of all our collaborators, outstanding professionals in each specialty.

Specialties that we will expand little by little as we see what your interests and needs are. We hope we can count on your support without which this portal would have no reason to be. Help us grow and improve! We count on you!

For this it would also help us to share our publications and recommend our portal to all your friends. Thank you very much for being with us!

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